About this blog

Randy MullisWe all have thoughts that we want to bounce off the world at-large to begin a dialogue.  This is my place to do that!

Just a little about me:  I grew up in Greensboro, NC where the memories of the ACC basketball tournament, the smell of the cedar yard on Lee Street, the vinyl treasures at the Greensboro Record Center, the kung fu movies at the downtown theaters, the late nights sitting under the street light, and so much more all made for the kind of childhood that seems impossible today.  Having said this, home life wasn’t ideal and that’s informed the rest of my life and made me thankful for the life I have now.

I have a wife I treasure and two beautiful daughters.  I work for the best company in America, SAS Software in Cary, NC.  I like to study leadership, customer service, and information technology. Moreover, I love spirituality, cars, old movies, sports, fitness, and talking to all kinds of people about all kinds of things.

While this blog is slanted toward business topics, over time you’ll also find topics ranging from nostalgia, sports, and observations.  I owe the title “Meandering” to Jerry Bledsoe, whose column of the same name I read each morning in the Greensboro Daily News.


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