When a relationship is difficult: Making the full committment

When a relationship is difficult, especially one in which you have a large business or familial stake, it can color your whole outlook on life.  I’ve certainly found myself with a black cloud hanging over my head, thinking, “What can I do to make this better?”  I’d like to explore some aspects of making difficultContinue reading “When a relationship is difficult: Making the full committment”

Those who escort us where we’re supposed to be

I’ve always been a little confused by the concepts of fate and destiny, yet I do have some sense of the distinction between them and, more importantly, how they apply to our lives.  To me, fate is the circumstance into which we’re born and perhaps where we end up if we don’t make conscious choicesContinue reading “Those who escort us where we’re supposed to be”

Pity the poor extravert

Maybe it’s selective perception, but it seems like I’ve seen many references lately celebrating the introvert.  I get the feeling that perhaps introverts are tired of being misunderstood as shy or socially awkward, neither of which is necessarily true.  Indeed, introverts are often successful in jobs that we normally associate with those who are moreContinue reading “Pity the poor extravert”

How do you approach important conversations?

Do you sometimes send an e-mail to avoid a difficult conversation? Have you left voicemail as a hit-and-run technique? Have you made yourself scarce from someone’s presence so that you could stay safely away from a topic of conversation? I recently came across the book Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High byContinue reading “How do you approach important conversations?”