The one who gives the most wins

When I’m restless or pre-occupied at night, I sometimes listen to talks by Earl Nightingale, one of the oldest of old-school personal development coaches.  Long before Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and the like, Nightingale was dispensing wisdom with a pleasant baritone voice. Something I’ve heard him say many times always sticks with me:  If  weContinue reading “The one who gives the most wins”

For Labor Day, a secret of adulthood revealed

Like most young people, I often slept late in the summer, played baseball in the park, and frequently enjoyed lying on my back, listening to the radio while staring at the white puffy clouds overhead.  Inevitably, at least once a month or so, some adult would tell me something along the lines of “Enjoy itContinue reading “For Labor Day, a secret of adulthood revealed”

Make expectations clear to boost team performance

I have sometimes found myself shaking my head when I hear about couples who didn’t discuss basic matters such as family size, religion, expectations surrounding work, and so on before getting married.  I recently listened to an interview with Dr. J. Richard Hackman, professor of psychology at Harvard, and this same phenomenon came to mindContinue reading “Make expectations clear to boost team performance”

My first lesson in leadership

When I was in elementary school, I loved the book “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown. You may have read this too. In the book, some soldiers are traveling through a town. They are hungry and ask the peasants for some food. No one will admit to having any to spare, so the travelers announce thatContinue reading “My first lesson in leadership”

When a relationship is difficult: Making the full committment

When a relationship is difficult, especially one in which you have a large business or familial stake, it can color your whole outlook on life.  I’ve certainly found myself with a black cloud hanging over my head, thinking, “What can I do to make this better?”  I’d like to explore some aspects of making difficultContinue reading “When a relationship is difficult: Making the full committment”