I’m ready now

In modern American society, it seems the common wish when people contemplate death is that they go quickly, with little suffering and no time to be distressed about the situation. If my remembrance of history is correct, people have in the past prayed the opposite, that death would not come unless one had time toContinue reading “I’m ready now”

Being your best

As a friend and I were nearing the end of a long run, I asked her the following question: “What do you do to be at your best? In other words, what is it that is necessary for you to feel happy, content, and at peace?” Her response, included below, indicated that balance was essential for her.Continue reading “Being your best”

The time is now

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Every day, you make decisions about how to spend your time. Moreover, you determine the tenor of your life by how you choose to live out each minute. When you are young, time seems to be abundant. ByContinue reading “The time is now”

Sacrificing nothing

Sometimes I sit in a meeting a wonder what we all would have been doing for a job 50 years ago. The important industries in North Carolina back then were tobacco, farming, textiles, banking, and insurance. It can be equal parts unnerving and inspiring to think I might have been doing something in one ofContinue reading “Sacrificing nothing”

The modern résumé

I get asked sometimes about résumés, and last year I helped some of the interns with theirs. I think it’s usually good to look at what experts say, but in the area of résumés, I listen to my gut. My gut tells me the following: One page. That’s it. It can be two columns, butContinue reading “The modern résumé”

Follow the process

“To me, success looks like faithfulness.”  Kelly Clark, Olympic snowboard medalist Last summer, about this time, several of us were training for a fall marathon, and this training called for us to run long distances in the soup-like North Carolina heat. For three weeks in a row, I ran with a friend and we didContinue reading “Follow the process”


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