For Labor Day, a secret of adulthood revealed

Like most young people, I often slept late in the summer, played baseball in the park, and frequently enjoyed lying on my back, listening to the radio while staring at the white puffy clouds overhead.  Inevitably, at least once a month or so, some adult would tell me something along the lines of “Enjoy itContinue reading “For Labor Day, a secret of adulthood revealed”

Change is made with the help of little leadership gestures

My wife and I often say we’ve been married to 2-3 different people in our lives.  Now, the fact is we’re married to our first and only spouse for more than 30 years.  We’ve both changed significantly over that time, however, and the people we are today aren’t the same as the one we marriedContinue reading “Change is made with the help of little leadership gestures”

Truly Self-Confident

Granted, I suffer from terminal earnestness, but I actually derive much benefit and satisfaction from the performance appraisal process.  I think most anyone has the potential to benefit from setting and achieving goals.  As the old axiom says, “If you aim at nothing, that’s what you’ll hit.” In my group, we are given the opportunityContinue reading “Truly Self-Confident”