Business lessons for my daughters

Both my daughters have chosen careers in human services, with one working as a speech language pathologist and the other in school for social work. This comes despite my exciting career in information technology; I don’t know how it was they resisted IT after seeing me respond to midnight outages, poring over log files, andContinue reading “Business lessons for my daughters”

Ten Rules for Happiness by Dorothy Dix

(Dorothy Dix was an advice columnist during the first half of the 20th century. This was one of her most frequently reprinted columns.) First. Make up your mind to be happy. Happiness is largely a matter of self-hypnotism. You can think yourself happy or you can think yourself miserable. It is up to you…learn toContinue reading “Ten Rules for Happiness by Dorothy Dix”

Positions, power, and people

Mark Horstman, whose Career Tools podcast is usually on my iPhone, says there are three kinds of power in business.  That which comes from 1) position, 2) skills, and 3) relationships. Sometimes these coincide, but often I’ve found that people look to #1 as a substitute for #’s two and three. In my heart, I wouldContinue reading “Positions, power, and people”