Perspective on Popsicles

via Creative Commons

Sometimes, our days weave together threads which turn into a tapestry. Such was the case for me yesterday.

I was talking with a friend who told me a cute story about her nephew, who was very unhappy upon hearing he could not have another popsicle. His Mom said, “He has very big feelings about popsicles.” Though this was humorous, as I am sometimes wont to do, I thought about the deeper meaning of it all day: Do I have big feelings about things that seem important at the time but perhaps aren’t that important in the long term? Are there some popsicles in my life?

As it happens, I also went to visit a friend in my hometown a little later. I passed by the funeral home where services were held for my mother and father, who died at ages 35 and 48, respectively. The further prompted me to consider what’s important and what’s not.

Finally, a friend shared the trailer for the new documentary about Mr. Rogers. Mr. Rogers came into our home every afternoon and for 30 minutes, he dispensed kindness and wisdom and love as only he could.

There. That’s important: kindness, wisdom, and love. We get distracted by many things, and allow ourselves to miss the higher calling we have.

I was given a new assignment at work which was a little outside my knowledge and comfort zone. I felt a little panicked about it all. What I learned yesterday made a lot of difference: focus on kindness, wisdom, and love because that’s what important.

Sometimes years seems like a day, but sometimes a day contains a year’s worth of learning.

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