The time is now

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Every day, you make decisions about how to spend your time. Moreover, you determine the tenor of your life by how you choose to live out each minute. When you are young, time seems to be abundant. By the time you reach middle age, though, the cumulative effect of all these minute-by-minute decisions will show – in your countenance, in your work, in your social life, and in your family.

timeWe have a tendency to say, “Well, I’ll do this and that after I get through this difficult thing.” Here’s the truth: there’s never a perfect time. A new job, raising children, career demands, preparing for retirement. All of these make for good reasons to postpone living well. And by the time you’re ready to tackle living well, living is about over.

The little things add up. I would encourage you to be intentional in everything you do. Maintain good posture, adopt a sense of gratitude, get good sleep, be positive, eat healthy, spend some quiet time each day to reflect on life. Together, these things will lead you down a path which serves to nourish the essence of who you were meant to be.