Appreciating what is

IMG_2742This is a picture of my stapler. Although I do use it once in a while, it’s become a symbol of something bigger. When I first started at my job in 1991, the department admin, Louise, gave me this brand new stapler for my desk (which was actually in the hall) and I felt like I had really struck gold in my role as an intern. I mean, a desk of my own, a IBM 3270 terminal for the mainframe, and a brand new stapler!

I keep this around to remind me not to take things for granted. We humans are amazing creatures. We can rise to almost any occasion. I often feel like we are at our very best at formal events like funerals, graduations, and weddings. But we can also take things for granted very quickly. We are thrilled to be accepted to school and then grow tired of going to class. We feel so safe and secure with a mate and then see only his or her bad habits. We lament an injury and then become so tired of having to exercise. I am as bad about this as anyone.

Perhaps we need, every so often, to empty our cup so we can fill it again. Maybe we can take a few minutes today to remind ourselves of how we once were hoping for what we take for granted today. Maybe do something good for the bodies which are so important to our happiness and well-being.

If you have your own version of a stapler, keep it in sight where it can remind you of all the good things that have come your way.