In the palm

Like many families, we went through our phase of keeping small pets, including a couple hamsters. My favorite of those was Chester. As you may know, hamsters only live about three years. As Chester got to be that age, it was clear he wasn’t long for this world. One Saturday, we knew his time had come. The hour drew near and he become motionless. My wife Robin scooped him up in her palm and gently stroked his back. I was playing a Bob Dylan album and we grew quiet. The words sang out as he breathed his last: “Ring them bells Sweet Martha, for the poor man’s son. Ring them bells so the people will know that God is one.”

I’ve thought about that scene many times. When it’s my time, I want to go in the palm of One who loves me, with a sweet song in the air.

(By the way, I’m blessed to have a wife like Robin.)

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